Volunteer Carol Liscianandrello allegedly stole 25k from Toys for Tots

May 30, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Carol Lisciandrello is married to the former vice president of Toys for Tots. She's accused of stealing upwards of $25,000 dollars from the organization.

"I'm just angry...that she could just do that to the kids," said Peggy Estes, secretary, Toys for Tots.

Toys for Tots is well-known for its yearly motorcycle parade to make sure every needy child gets a toy for Christmas. Volunteers sell t-shirts and other items, and use the money to buy additional toys. So when members discovered their PayPal account was missing money two years ago, they were stunned.

"We only make a few dollars on each item, and to take $25,000 from us- that's a lot of money," said Roy Miller, product coordinator, Toys for Tots.

On Thursday night, no one answered the door at Lisciandrello's home on the Northwest side.

In the meantime, Toys for Tots has tightened its financial procedures.

"We decided that everybody has a copy of the financial report from every month, everybody reads it and signs it," said Lester Fortier, president, Toys for Tots.

The Toys for Tots board wants the money back. As for Lisciandrello, she's out on bond and will be back in court Friday morning.

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