Teen girl killed by lightning in Downers Grove

May 31, 2013 9:01:44 PM PDT
You've heard the saying 'live life to the fullest.' Those who know Jennie Dizon say that's exactly how she lived her life. They say she packed every minute with her love of friends, family, music, and the arts.

She played the oboe and bass clarinet, and planned to go the University Of Cincinnati Conservatory Of Music.

Loved ones arrive at her Downers Grove home tonight.

"It's all part of God's plan but, obviously, it hits hard," said Jerome Hernandez, victim's cousin.

The Benet Academy senior was set to graduate Sunday. For classmates, it's an emotional blow.

"I'm going to miss her smile...because it was always something I looked forward to," said Bonnie Buena, the victim's friend.

They comfort each other while remembering Dizon's love of music and the arts at church and school.

"Her personality was the artsy personality. She was phenomenal and had such energy and a positive person to be around," said Brian Wand, Dizon's music teacher.

"She embraced her uniqueness, and I love her for the uniqueness," said Carrie Marcotte, St. Scholastica Choir Director.

Relatives say Dizon was at O'Brien Park Thursday afternoon, waiting to pick up her brother and sister from the dentist, when she was apparently hit by lightning.

On Friday night, loved ones gather here, the pain so evident in their faces. But the park remains open, as police issue a warning about lightning.

"People think it will never happen to them, but it does? so when you hear the sirens go off, or if there is inclement weather from the news you should seek shelter immediately," said Lt. Mike Willison, Downers Grove Police Department.

A lightning prediction rod is at the park. The siren and light are designed to go off if there is a threat of lightning.

"I kind of count on them, can hear them from my home, and know that's when to pull the kids in from playing outside and go home from the park," said Carrie From, soccer mom.