NICTD South Shore train line resumes service

June 17, 2013

The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District says they're expecting eastbound rush-hour trains to depart Chicago on time but may experience delays en route. All trains are operating on Track 1 from the Indiana/Illinois State Line to Gary.

Due to significant wire damage east of East Chicago this afternoon train delays are as follows:
Extra Eastbound Train departed East Chicago Station at 2:39pm
WB Train 116 has been cancelled at East Chicago
WB Train 216 departed Gary Metro Station at 3:12 pm
WB Train 18 departed Carroll Ave. approximately 1 1/2 hours late
WB Train 118 departed Carroll Ave. 10-15 min behind schedule

John Parsons, planning and marketing director for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, said that Train 116 was headed westbound just east of the East Chicago station when the equipment that touches that overhead power lines on the back two cars of the six-car train was damaged. That in turn set off a substation, and power was also cut to Train 107, which was in between the Miller and Ogden Dunes stations.

Parsons said the train that caused the damage was taken back to the East Chicago station.

Riders were upset with the lack of options to continue their trips.

Brandi Hughes of Monticello was headed to Lincoln Park Zoo with family members.

Sabrina Haake of Gary's Miller area, had an appointment downtown and shared a cab with four others to continue the trip.

"I'm disappointed they (South Shore) don't have a backup taxi service. They could have called a taxi as soon as the power went down," she said.

Liz and Dick Pilcher of Long Beach agreed there should be a backup taxi or bus service.

"This is the second time happened to us at this stop," Liz Pilcher said.

"We won't do this anymore," said Dick Pilcher, who was going to miss a dental appointment.

People milled about waiting for rides, taxis or limousines that they called, some to head to the city, others to go home.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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