Boy, 8, sells Kool-Aid for grandma's funeral

[FILE] Tropical Punch Kook-Aid (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

June 24, 2013 12:30:12 PM PDT
Michael Diamond, an 8-year-old Ohio boy, sold Kool-Aid to help his family pay for his grandmother's funeral.

The boy raised $5,000 at his Kool-Aid stand, according to That money will help pay for his grandmother's funeral.

Bobbie, 52, and her grandson Michael were "extremely close," according to the report, and the Kool-Aid stand was his idea.

Thousands of people heard about Michael's Kool-Aid stand and went out of their way to help buy a cup or two from the third-grader on Rockwood Road in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Bobbie's funeral will be held on Tuesday in Cleveland.