Hawks fans left in dark during Game 6 due to storms

June 25, 2013 (CHICAGO)

On Monday afternoon, strong winds snapped power lines in Hinsdale at Ogden and York roads, making the commute slow-going for these drivers.

Monday's storms also caused wide-spread power outages. At its peak, about 300,000 ComEd customers were affected. The majority of them were located in the southern region.

For Blackhawks fans who couldn't watch the game, it was a major inconvenience.

"We missed flipping everything!," Darien resident Renee Chojnowski said. Power went out an hour before Game 6 started. The whole block was out, so they couldn't watch at a neighbors. That final game, where the Hawks clinched the series and won the Stanley Cup, was the only one the Chojnowskis missed all season.

"Last night we found out the Hawks won. I was dark. We had a couple of beers, said the heck with it and went to bed," Renee Chojnoski said.

Their power was restored around noon Tuesday.

The storm also snapped trees. The city of Berwyn says more than 100 were toppled. One tree in the 3800-block of Grove fell on two houses. No one was hurt.

"We heard this whirring sound, so we ran away from the windows and we heard a big thud that hit the house. We saw a big shadow and we looked out the window and could not believe we saw the tree," Grace Salas said.

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