Motion filed to seize Jackson Jr. homes

June 28, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. will return to D.C.'s U.S. District Court Wednesday to be sentenced for swiping $750,000 of campaign money.

The government wants him to re-pay that amount, and prosecutors say, to protect that financial interest, they have filed new court documents asking a judge to allow the government to seize Jackson's home in D.C. and the family's home on Chicago's South Side. Prosecutors call this a "standard filing" - saying Jackson owes a significant amount of money and has equity in property that could be used for the judgment.

In a statement, D.C.'s U.S. Attorney's office states: "The government is not trying to take over the properties from Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. but is acting to protect its interest in securing the money judgment that the defendant has been ordered to pay."

The court documents state that Jackson's acquaintances, like "servants, employees, attorneys, or family"....would be prevented from "giving away, encumbering, or taking" the property or money made on the property.

Prosecutors also alerted the court that it asked Jackson to return 24 items he purchased worth nearly $62,000. But, to date, prosecutors say Jackson has only turned over 12 items worth $21,000. The government wants to sell the items and deduct the amount from the money judgment.

The latest court documents were filed as part of Jackson Jr.'s case. His wife, however, former Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson, will also be sentenced Wednesday for failing to report the couple's income to the IRS.

The government also wants to seize an IRA account with $80,000 that is in Jackson Jr's name.

Prosecutors want Jackson Jr. sentenced to pay $750,000 in restitution to the campaign, another $750,000 as part of the money judgement, and serve 48 months in prison.

Prosecutors also recommend Sandi Jackson serve 18 months in prison.

Jackson is expected to be sentenced first, followed by his wife, on July 1.

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