Waitress tipped $500 as part of dying man's wish

July 2, 2013 (INDIANOPOLIS)

An unsuspecting Indianapolis waitress got a $500 tip from Seth Collins.

He explains that his younger brother Aaron wanted to give that much money away in a random act of generosity before he passed away.

The video of Seth's first giant tip went viral.

Donations have poured in, allowing Seth's family to leave random $500 tips every single week for the past year.

"He would of thought one time, something nice to do for somebody. That's what he wanted, he wouldn't have predicted any of this. I'm a teacher just looking for a job and it's kinda hard right now," said Beth Foster, the waitress who got the $500 tip.

Seth hopes to eventually leave a tip in all 50 states as a way of further honoring his brother's memory.

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