Benjamin Bratt does double-duty in 'Despicable Me 2'


Actor Benjamin Bratt lends his voice to two different personas in the new animated comedy, "Despicable Me 2": the evil "El Macho," and the loveable restaurant owner, "Eduardo."

Bratt was thrilled to do double-duty, but found a special affection for Eduardo, who reminded him of an uncle.

"I love that sense of exuberance and the larger-than-life persona, the expansiveness of Eduardo, and that to me is actually relatable, as physically different as we are, I know who that person is, the one who's quick to hug and laugh and dance, a lover of life," said Bratt. "I've never had the chance onscreen ever to play someone that large, and so to be able to do it here in this kind of forum was pretty emancipating, actually."

The real fun for Bratt came from getting to tell his own young kids that dad was working with "minions."

"Dad is definitely the 'cat's meow' at this point, and they are usually not impressed at all, ever, with anything I do -- I'm just 'Dad' to them -- but I got 'em now, I got 'em," said Bratt.

We'll hear Bratt again before the summer is over. In September, he's part of another animated film sequel: "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2."

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