Man dies before found money decision

July 2, 2013 7:40:50 PM PDT
A sad end to the story of $150,000 found in a garden, as the man who discovered the cash has died just ten days before a court decided who should get it.

Back in august 2011, Wayne Sabaj found the money while gathering broccoli from his garden. He turned it into police.

Officers told Sabaj he could keep the money if no one claimed it, but a neighbor did. She died in January. Sabaj's lawyer can't go into detail but says there's a settlement in place.

"Public records indicate that the lady's daughter was very well able to describe the money. I can tell you i think the bulk of the money's going to go to them," said attorney Robert Burke.

Sabaj was 51-years old. Burke thinks his share of the money will go to his son.