Children's Outdoor Spaces

July 10, 2013

But with the right products and a little ingenuity you can make your childs' outdoor space just as whimsical as their nursery. Rachel Glasson, owner of Twinkle Twinkle Little One shows us some creative and practical pieces as well as some DIY ideas.

Twinkle Twinkle Little One 2007 W. Belmont, Chicago


Fab Habitat Cubes and Storage Bins
Fab Habitat makes amazing indoor/outdoor space saving storage and furniture. Made from used/ recycled plastic, these baskets hold toys, garden supplies and just about anything.

Same with these amazing cubes. Made of the same recycled plastic, they can balance food and snack and also make for a good foot rest. Completely kid friendly and so playful with their color!

Outdoor playroom:

Rug - This indoor/outdoor rug creates the indoor play area environment your child is used to but in the outdoor setting so little ones can be comfortable playing outside as well.

Ghost chairs -- don't be too scared by the price of these chairs, they are totally indestructible and will last your little ones a lifetime - you can pass them onto the next generation! And better yet, you can bring them inside during the winter for a cozy tea party.

These chairs look great with this Catherine round table which is totally durable and indestructible no matter the weather!

DIY ideas -

If you don't have the budget, you can still gussy up your outdoor space with creative decorating ideas that your kids can help you do that won't break the bank!
1) Outdoor table vases: Take used cans from the house and wrap them with colorful yarn in whatever color suits your mood -- and voila! You have beautiful outdoor table vases. Kids can even pick flowers from the garden to put in it.

2) Make your own birdseed hangers: Use a cookie mold you might have around the house and make a birdseed biscuit to hang on trees, decks, wherever you want to attract your flighty friends!

3) Strawberry painted rocks: Pretend you're going to the farmer's market by painting your own "strawberries" on found rocks around your patio or yard. Kids will have fun with the paint and you'll have a "bowl of berries" to present to your guests. And they won't go bad!

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