Kids emulate parents when it comes to TV, study says

July 15, 2013

Experts are finding that parents who watch too much TV will likely have children who do the same.

According to the research in the journal Pediatrics:

  • Parents who spend an average of about 4 hours per day or more watching television also had children who watched more.
  • In fact, each hour of parental tv time resulted in almost an additional half-hour of viewing time for their children.
  • Cleveland Clinic pediatricians say it's a topic that could come up at your child's next check-up.

    "We will probably be focusing a little bit more on the parents too when we counsel about this issue because we need to model less TV watching in order to be effective," Dr. Skyler Kalady said.

    The "American Academy Of Pediatrics" recommends keeping your child's screen time to two hours per day.

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