To undershirt or not to undershirt?

July 17, 2013 (CHICAGO)

In Chicago's hot and humid summer weather, why do guys wear two shirts instead of one?

"I'm wearing it right now as an undershirt because it is so hot outside. I don't want to be sweating all over the dress shirts here," Michael Gast said.

"I'm cooler without it," William Moore Jr. says.

T-shirts were extremely popular until Clark Gable stripped down in "It Happened One Night" in 1934. Undershirt sales immediately dropped and ever since then, in steamy weather, it's been to "T" or not to "T".

But Alex Mitchell is wearing one to "make sure I don't perspire through my regular golf shirt."

So apparently the jury is still out on this hot humid day T-shirt question. For the answer maybe we should go to the real experts -- women.

"You have to wear a T-Shirt underneath. It absorbs the sweat," Liz Riggs said.

"I think I feel a little cooler. Look a little cooler. My wife likes it, which is good and very important," Kevin Tuggle said, laughing.

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