Minnesota couple file restraining order against nasty neighbor Lori Christensen

July 18, 2013 3:02:02 PM PDT
A Minnesota woman is called the country's nastiest neighbor. Neighbors say Lori Christensen began harassing them after a fight between their daughters.

At first she would yell obscenities. Since then, Kim and Greg Hoffman have taped her dancing provocatively in her driveway and drinking out of an oversized beer bottle.

It's seen as a way to taunt Kim Hoffman, who is a recovering alcoholic.

"It doesn't allow you to heal completely because it's putting it in your face every day," said Hoffman.

"I just don't agree with people drinking and driving," said Christensen.

The Hoffmans filed a restraining order, but that didn't stop Christensen from posting a sign on her garage that reads,"I saw mommy kiss a breathalyzer."

This week, Christensen pleaded guilty to violating her restraining order. A plea deal calls for her to avoid contact with the Hoffmans, and she's supposed to stay out of the neighborhood.