Hundreds brave heat for chance as 'Transformers' extras

July 19, 2013 (CHICAGO)

So why are hundreds of people here standing in the scorching sun for hours?

"I'm actually going for acting so I thought this might be a good idea for a resume," said Inay Sharma, while waiting in line for an audition.

They are hoping for a once in a lifetime chance to land a roll as an extra in the next Transformers movie.

Devon Triche plans to wait outside all day. He is also dressed in a suit, but somehow still staying cool.

"Think cool thoughts, I'm an iceberg right now [laughs]" said Triche, while waiting in line for an audition.

While these folks plan to stand around in the heat for hours, hundreds of other people are making the most of the summer day.

The Jacob family loves this weather and they are enjoying every moment at a Skokie waterpark.

"Plenty of swimming on the back and on the stomach and constantly in the water when it's really hot out," said Joan Jacob.

"We don't get a lot of days like this. Most of the time in this area, it's cold. It's nice to be out and play too," said Joanne Jacob, waterpark visitor.

Extreme heat continues for third day in Chicago

''We will see the heat index up over 100-degrees during the midday period, but there is a cold front on the way,'' ABC7 Meteorologist Phil Schwarz said. Chicago weather is hot and humid with scattered storms Friday afternoon. Those showers usher in a cold front – and lower temperatures. It'll still be warm, but not oppressive like the past couple of days.

Until that cold front moves in, the heat is disrupting some transportation.

Metra riders should be prepared for heat delays. Trains will run slower to reduce the stress on over-heated tracks, which means commuters should anticipate 10 to15 minute delays.

Bridges and roads are also feeling the heat -- the 100th Street Bridge over the Calumet River expanded, and firefighters used their hoses to cool down it down after the bridge became stuck in the up position.

A power outage left some South Loop residents without air conditions or fans overnight Thursday into Friday, and the Chicago Fire Department says paramedics are busy during this stretch of hot weather, treating people with heat-related illnesses.

"Whenever it's this hot our call volume does go up. The city puts extra ambulances [out]. It's definitely one of those days," paramedic Jeff Kiefer said.

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