Police call Richton Park woman found dead in living room 'suspicious'

July 22, 2013 (RICHTON PARK, Ill.)

The call to police came in a little after 7 a.m. on Monday. A son had found his mother dead inside her Richton Park home.

"He normally visits a few times a week. He hadn't heard from her for a few days so he came and found her," said Richton Park Chief of Police Elvia Williams.

56-year-old Celeste Caldwell was found in her living room. Police say she may have been deceased for a couple of days, and despite there being no sign of forced entry, they say her death may not have been a natural one.

"It could be a suspicious death so we had the Cook County Sheriffs come in to investigate the scene and collect evidence," said Chief Williams.

Police will not speculate as to what they mean by suspicious, but there was a lot of concern from residents this morning as news of Caldwell's death spread.

"It's our community and we want know what happened. We have children and we want to keep a safe community, break-ins, whatever. We want to know and keep our eyes open for everybody else," said Gloria Moore, Richton Park resident.

Next-door neighbor Carol Betts says Caldwell lived alone and mostly kept to herself.

"She was a nice person. We tried to be help her with the snow. And if she needed help her we tried to help her with what we could," said Betts.

Police say that they are conducting routine interviews, but don't have anyone they would consider a suspect. They also said that because the home was not broken into, they don't believe neighbors have anything to be worried about.

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