Relieving Back and Spinal Stress

August 2, 2013

Sitting in uncomfortable seats for long amounts of time can cause stress on the back and pain that needs relief but doesn't always require a trip to the chiropractor. Dr. Sarah Weber from Total Balance Chiropractic in Lakeview has some unique stretches and techniques that can be easily practices at home or at the office to relieve back pain at the end of a long day.

To remind you to get up and move, it's recommend that you set your phone timer to go off every hour, on the hour. When the timer goes off, you should get up, walk around and grab some water. If you are not allowed to have your personal phone at your desk, place a sticky note at the top of your computer monitor telling your to get out of your chair! After walking around for a minute or two, perform these 3 simple stretches.

1.) Shoulder Relaxation Stretch: press your palms together in front of your chest and press down

2.) Chest Opening Stretch: with your elbows extended, push your arms back and down, attempting to squeeze your shoulder blades back and down

3.) Upper trapezius Stretch: hand reaches to opposite side of your head and gently pulls your ear towards your shoulder

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