School bus fight recorded by school bus video camera; Driver doesn't intervene

School Bus Fight image from a school bus camera in Florida. (CNN)

August 6, 2013 7:15:20 AM PDT
A school bus fight left a 13-year old with a broken arm and two black eyes in Gulfport, Florida, in Pinellas County. The school bus driver called dispatch, but did not try to stop the fight.

The school bus fight was all caught on camera. The victim was attacked by three 15-year olds as bus driver John Moody watched. Moody, now retired, told CNN he acted according to school policy.

"It's been policy that bus drivers do not jump into the middle of a fight. And, me jumping in the middle of that fight with three boys, it would have been more dangerous for the other students on the bus and for myself. It's just no telling what might have happened," Moody said.

The police chief in Gulfport, Florida, told a TV station that Moody had the opportunity to step in but did not. Prosecutors say they have no grounds on which to bring charges.