Woman alleges beating after shoplifting arrest

August 6, 2013

Surveillance video was taken in February after Brandie Redell was taken to a security room in a department store to be questioned about shoplifting. Her 1-year-old daughter was taken out of the room. Then she says she was beaten after she called her boyfriend, who is a local community activist.

One officer appears to hold her down while another appears to throw a punch. Former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica is her attorney.

"One of them accosted her, threw her to the floor, brutalized her, and beat her severely with his closed fist to her face, Peraica said.

Peraica says she suffered severe eye damage. Redell pleaded guilty to the shoplifting charge and is awaiting sentencing. Peraica says the Davenport Police Department reprimanded but did not fire or suspend the officer.

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