Good Samaritan helped save child from attempted abduction in Rogers Park | Abraham Pierre, 52, charged with child luring

August 6, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The child and the woman who confronted the suspect spoke with ABC7 Chicago about the alleged incident.

The girl was staying with her aunt and uncle two blocks from the convenience store where she said a man attempted to lure her to his vehicle.

"I looked at him like 'why would you want to take me home if I don't even know you?'" said Reniah Eubanks, 12.

Reniah Eubanks did everything right. On Sunday afternoon, she was heading into a Rogers Park store for a popsicle when a man in an SUV said he would be taking her home.

"I was a little scared because at first I didn't know what could happen, which is why I went to the store and told the cashier," said Reniah.

Inside customer Betty Brewer overheard the conversation and acted fast, grabbing the girl and getting the man's license plate number.

"When we came out the door she pointed to the vehicle and said 'that's him right there,' and I kind of freaked out and said 'Oh you're taking the little girl home, huh?'" said Betty Brewer, who helped Reniah.

With Brewer's help and the store's surveillance video, police quickly tracked down and arrested 52-year-old Abraham Pierre. He's charged with one count of felony child luring.

Reniah's aunt is grateful to this Good Samaritan and for her niece's good judgment.

"It's good that she remembered what to do and it's good there are people still out there who will actually get involved and help," said Rosalind Eubanks Porter, Reniah's aunt.

"If it happened to me it could happened to other people so I feel glad that they caught him and it won't happen again," said Reniah.

ABC7's Ben Bradley asks: "Are you a hero, Betty?"

"Nah, I'm just Betty!" said Brewer. "That's just what I do."

Police say the suspect has no prior felony convictions, but the charges are serious enough that he is being held on $100,000 bond.

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