Protest held at Chicago's Egyptian consulate

Augsut 16, 2013 (CHICAGO)

They march in the shadow of the Egyptian consulate on Michigan Avenue, denouncing the military that is now running the country, protesting the loss of freedom and democracy. Protests that some say might get them killed like hundreds of their countrymen if they were in Egypt.

"I wish I could do something more," said protester Manan Khalal. "If I were there I might be dead now because I support them."

Hundreds of protesters and police have been killed this week alone in Egypt as demonstrations have turned into violent clashes, while the military tries to silence those who oppose them. Friday, 52 civilians and eight police officers are killed.

"They're being gunned down while they're peacefully protesting," said protester Suhair Hannoun. "It's the least we can do to show them we feel their pain."

They march through the River North area, spreading word that they condemn the military government. Most live in the Chicago area now, but are worried for friends and relatives in Egypt.

"It's the least we can do to condemn what's happening in Egypt," said protester Khalid Raheem.

Protesters say they realize its unlikely word of their actions here would reach Egypt. They do, however, hope word reaches Washington and that President Obama would take a tougher stance against the Egyptian Military.

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