Injured baby gorilla back in public view

August 22, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Nayembi is being reintroduced for the first time since her facial injury back in February. Nayembi was reunited with her mother, Rollie, about a month ago. Thursday she is also with her father, silverback gorilla Kwan. She is alert, playful and quite comfortable in her setting.

"It is exciting and they are cute," said Nicole Kiddy.

"They are really adorable and they are babies," said Addison Kiddy.

"She is doing fantastic," said Maureen Leahey, curator of primates at Lincoln Park Zoo. "She has been progressing remarkably well in that first week following the injury she showed us how resilient she was we knew she would make it back."

This is the first time the family has been together since her injury. The careful reintroduction process has gone according to plan. The zoo never determined what caused the accident.

"There were no aggressive behaviors we had seen in the group that would make us feel we should be concerned We heard a loud scream and it seemed to be something rather acute," Leahey said.

Zoo visitors were happy to see the cute baby gorilla.

"It is great actually. I am with my two kids and they wanted to see the baby," said Sanjay Patel.

"It seem to of picked up where it left off," Leahey said. "We are seeing strong maternal bond with Nayembe and everything seems to be back to normal. Niemba relies on us for formula feedings and we have trained her to come to us to receive those. She is eating great and her body size and wieght are exactly where she should be."

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