Kids dropped off at wrong location on first day

Kids dropped off at wrong location on first day

August 23, 2013 8:16:28 PM PDT
A busing problem in Chicago Heights left two children scared and their parents frantic when the second grader and kindergartener were left in the wrong location.

It took about an hour to sort it all out which can be an eternity when the safety of your kids is in doubt.

It was an interesting start to the school year for second grader Amani Thompson and his kindergarten cousin Aeriel Woodfin.

For their moms, Friday was a heart-stopper. The kids left Beacon Elementary by school bus and were to be dropped off a block from home.

Mom was waiting, but the kids weren't in the bus.

"My heart was at the bottom of my feet," said Amani's mom, Katrina Thompson. "I didn't know what to do think or say. The only thing to do was call police."

Aeriel and Armani had been mistakenly dropped off by another school. Not far from home, but they didn't know where they were.

"I was scared and she was crying," Armani said. "So I was just wanting a way to get home and I was thinking of some ways."

It was Aeriel and Armani's good fortune that a school nurse came out of the building here and saw the kids wandering.

The nurse wound up giving the kids a ride home, but not until Armani said, 'You're a stranger. Show us an ID.'

"And she showed me her card and then she asked where did I live and I said, 'Winnebago,'" said Armani.

Home they came an hour later. Relieved moms who can't thank the nurse enough, but want an explanation from the bus company, and until they get one, they'll be driving the kids to school.