Mother of alleged hazing victim speaks, files civil suit against Plano School District

September 4, 2013 (PLANO, Ill.)

"He thinks about how he felt that day and a lot of anger comes back and it all could have been avoided," said the Plano student's mother.

The Plano mother, who chose not to be identified, is talking about her 15-year-old son who says he was a victim of a sexual assault inside the Plano High School locker room during last year's basketball season. The incident took place on her son's birthday.

"Certain classmates would pull down the pants and try to stick fingers in places it shouldn't be," said the Plano mother.

As she was horrified, the situation got worse after the mom says a coach told her he heard rumors of similar incidents that took place months earlier during the football season. This mother was the first to notify police.

Last week, five teenagers were criminally charged for incidents that not only involved this mom's son, but two more victims as well. The mom and her son have also filed a civil suit against the Plano School District.

"My main thing is for them to accept responsibility. This is something that was known throughout school, known throughout the students, and everyone was aware of the situation and did nothing about it," said the mother.

The mom says nothing was done until charges were announced last week. Plano's High School's principal notified all parents of security changes that include increased supervision in the locker room, new guidelines for coaches and teachers, and more security cameras throughout the building.

"I think they have taken all the correct precautions so it doesn't happen again, but my big question is, why wasn't this done earlier?" said the mother.

While the victim and his family pursue their civil suit, the criminal investigation remains open. The Kendall County State's Attorney says while there have no more reported incidents since last February, he would not be surprised if there are more victims.

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