OSU students find man secretly living in their house

September 18, 2013 2:26:17 PM PDT
A group of students at Ohio State University thought they had a ghost in their house. It was actually a man they didn't know living in their basement.

They'd heard strange noises and found cabinet doors left open. After searching the building, they found a secret door in the basement. When they got it open, they found a small bedroom complete with college textbooks and photos. One of the students recognized the man in the pictures and knew his name was Jeremy. They eventually got in touch with him and told him to move out.

"It's funny now, but it really could have been, like, potentially, extremely dangerous, like, given that somebody, some random guy had a key to our house and was just living in our house without anyone knowing," said student Brett Mugglin.

Jeremy apparently had access to the home thanks to a cousin who had lived there. The locks on the house have now been changed.

Story courtesy thelantern.com