Hispanic comic actresses Lorena Diaz, Wendy Mateo rising in Chicago comedy community

September 27, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The comedic actresses are making a name for themselves in Chicago's comedy community.

Comedic actresses and best friends Lorena Diaz and Wendy Mateo have combined their backgrounds and call themselves "Dominizuelan" They are gaining notoriety for their People in the City show.

The dynamic duo moved from Florida to Chicago, the home of Second City and The Chicago Improv, to create and write their own sketches.

"We wanted to be able to play in any space and not just be cast as a Latina," Mateo said. "I get to play a 60 year-old man, 75 year-old Jewish lady, anybody I want."

If we want to play anyone other than Maria the cleaning lady, Maria the mistress, we had to write our own work," said Diaz. "You know I love Maria from West Side Story, but there is more to us than that."

They say nothing is sacred in their show. They tackle all sorts of sensitive subjects with humor and even challenge Latino stereotypes.

"People say, 'Can you do it a little more Sofia Vengara,'" Mateo said.

"One thing that we do is play over the top characters. You write what you know," said Diaz.

The talented pair feel as if they had to give Latinas a voice.

"I think we are participating in a movement of Latinas having more of a voice in the industry and I am proud of that," Diaz said. "I hope I look back and just see Latinos working."

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