10 students charged in Rich South High School fight

October 1, 2013 (RICHTON PARK, Ill.)

Three students were trampled, a staff member was hit in the face and a police officer hurt his knee after a fight broke out among students. It started when 1,400 students from Rich Central High School were taken to Rich South because of a bomb scare.

Authorities are reviewing surveillance video and say there could be more arrests.

"It was just like 200 people running at you at once, it was really crazy," said a student who witnessed the fight.

Students call it crazy, but police call it a "major disturbance." On Monday afternoon, a bomb threat that included a threatening note attached to a box with wires at Rich Central High School led administrators to put all 1,400 students on buses and move them to Rich South High School. When they arrived, someone pulled a fire alarm sending another 1,000 kids outside.

"They decided to get up and walk around the whole school and they were jumping on everyone's cars," said Laronica Wilborn, student, Rich South High School.

That's when a fight broke out between students from the two schools.

"They wanted to fight a long time ago, they had the opportunity and they went for it and a lot of people got hurt," said Wilborn.

"It was just a stampede of kids all coming this way and fights started this way," said Tracey Younger, parent, Rich Central High School.

Dozens of police officers from surrounding suburbs and Cook County rushed to the school. Administrators say bringing students from two schools together on one campus was actually an evacuation plan they prepared with police over the summer.

"The team came up with the concept that it would be best to move to other school's gymnasium," said Cheryl Coleman, board president, Rich Township District 227.

"It was chaotic, the schools are not allowed to have night football games against each other because of fights and violence," said Younger.

Police say more students may be charged, and the school board president says it is reviewing that evacuation plan.

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