Lane Tech football player Drew Williams seriously injured during game

October 8, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Many Lane Tech football players were a bit distracted during practice on Tuesday evening.

They are concerned about their teammate, Drew Williams, who remains in the Intensive Care Unit after being taken away in an ambulance from Gately Stadium during their game Friday.

And while doctors are withholding information about the exact nature of his injuries, school board officials confirm Williams did recieve at least one hard hit during the game with Dunbar on Friday.

Though they say he showed no signs of distress initially, he removed himself from the game and eventually paramedics transported him to the hospital.

Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett says she's been in touch with the family and issued a statement saying, "our thoughts are with the student and family during this difficult time."

Doctors have not said whether Williams suffered a concussion during the game, but that is a growing concern among medical personnel.

Dan Nicholson-- who suffered numerous concussions-- has developed a product that goes in a player's helmet and can help detect when there is a concussion, so the player can get immediate medical attention.

"If your brain's swollen they you put it into a helmet that's weighted, it's like a time bomb. It's really scary," said Dan Nicholson,

According to one of his coaches, Williams suffered seizures during the game before he was taken away in the ambulance. Williams plays wide receiver and safety, and also plays outfield for the baseball team. So many of his friends were coming to visit him in the hospital over the weekend, his doctors have now restricted his visitors to family only.

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