Drunk Dial Congress: DrunkDialCongress.org site urges intoxicated calls

October 14, 2013 7:40:53 AM PDT
Fed up with the government shutdown? You're not alone -- apparently lots of Americans want to give Congress a piece of their mind.

So they're flocking to a new website that lets visitors order a little payback for lawmakers in Washington.

If you're mad at Congress, you could hold a sign, maybe one saying "Congress beware, when we're screwed we multiply." Or you could try a free service at the website drunkdialcongress.org.

You enter your number at the website. In a couple of seconds, the recorded drunk dialer calls you back.

"We're gonna pass you to a member of the House of Representatives."

Your call is then forwarded to a randomly chosen representative so you can give them a piece of your mind.

One Florida Republican's office had no comment on drunkdialcongress.org. It was set up, they say for fun, by a digital tech company founded by a former Obama campaign staffer, who says he'll actually lose money on it.

On Thursday afternoon, the website apparently needed a drink, for a while it stopped working, overwhelmed.