South Side sex assaults suspect charged; Terrell Rush denied bail

October 19, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Rush appeared in court Saturday.

The 26-year-old Rush is being held without bond. Prosecutors say he's been positively-identified as the attacker by multiple victims and witnesses.

In the neighborhoods where the alleged attacks happened, residents say the terror they felt now has a face.

"I'm sleeping a lot better now that I know they caught the guy, that everything is probably going to be a lot safer around here in this neighborhood. We've got a lot more protection going on," said witness Azariah Hill.

Hill says he witnessed one of the alleged assaults after police say 26-year-old Rush dragged a 14-year-old girl through this alley and into Hill's backyard.

"Watching a girl outside your window, something like that's happening. She's right around my age, and I know that it's in my neighborhood, in my backyard. It just hit me. I couldn't sleep. It was hard for me," he said.

Minutes before that alleged assault, in the early morning hours of October 9, prosecutors say Rush broke into the home of Edward Whiten, climbing on a garbage can to get through a window where he left a handprint.

He then allegedly hid in the closet of Whiten's 11-year-old daughter, but ran from the house after the family dog started barking.

Whiten's daughter, who wasn't harmed, helped police make an ID.

"I'm definitely glad that my daughter had enough of a look at him to identify him along with the other victims," Whiten said.

Prosecutors say the attacks began at a home in the Fernwood neighborhood, where Rush also allegedly left fingerprints while raping a mother and daughter at knifepoint.

"They ran straight to my house after the incident occurred, and it was shocking," said neighbor Dominique Barginear.

Rush was arrested in Lafayette, Indiana, where he lives, though authorities say he once lived near the alleged crime scenes.

"Just to be sure and know that it is him, that he's in custody, yeah that's a big relief," said neighborhood resident Matthew Cooper.

Prior to the alleged attacks, Rush did not have a history of violent crime. He has one prior conviction, and that's on a drug charge.

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