Lowell double murder: 2 found dead inside home on 197th Avenue

October 19, 2013 (LOWELL, Ind.)

Neighbors in the small town are stunned as police investigate exactly what happened. The bodies were found in the home in Lowell, Indiana.

People who live in the homestead community remain in shock as police continue to investigate what appears to be a double homicide.

Authorities are seeking a person of interest but they have not said who that is or what relationship to the victims might be.

There's little evidence of the violence that happened that has left some who live in a neighborhood in unincorporated Lowell, Indiana, in shock.

Saturday afternoon a steady stream of the curious pass by the home located near the intersection of 197th and Calumet Avenues, where two people were found dead Friday.

Authorities say it appears they were the victims of a double homicide.

"You don't expect this to happen in a small town like this and you hear about it and wonder what else is going on," said neighborhood resident Hannah Wielgos. "Why would someone do this?"

Investigators say Lake County Sheriff's deputies made the gruesome discovery Friday around 4:30PM while conducting a well-being check on the residents of the home.

Police have not said who requested the well-being check.

When the officers arrived, they found two people dead inside the residence.

"Just a bunch of cop cars," said neighborhood resident Jacob Rothrock. "I didn't know what was going in and I didn't ask."

Saturday both the Lake County Sheriff's Department Criminal Investigation and C-S-I units are working with the Lake County Coroner's Office to identify the victims by using dental records and DNA.

This as authorities continued their hunt for an un-indentified individual they are calling a person of interest.

Police have little to say about the ongoing investigation. They have yet to identify the victims or to reveal the relationship between the victims, if they are indeed related.

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