Illinois same-sex couples keeping plans to wed in other states

November 6, 2013

That includes a couple we talked with Wednesday, and Chicago alderman James Cappleman-- who is keeping his plans to marry his partner in Washington state later this month.

The possibility of being wed in Illinois becomes real for same sex couples, and that possibility may quickly turn to planning. Locally planning weddings could get even more competitive. With their wedding celebration a week away, there are a few details to work through.

The Carletons of Oak Park will host the more than 100 guests after Rose Mireles and Lori Hannigan get married in Iowa.

"I told my siblings when I was younger I'm going to get married. This was some 25 years ago. I told them I'm gonna do everything you're doing," said Lori Hannigan.

They had hoped to marry in Illinois, but when the state legislation didn't pass earlier this year, they didn't want to wait. With news of gay marriage in Illinois, they are glad to be ahead of the anticipated wedding crush.

"It was already a little competitive to find the venue, we were very lucky to be ahead of it," said Rose Mireles.

"I'm expecting it to go nuts," said Frank Andonoplas, Frank Event Design.

Wedding consultant Frank Andonoplas has already gotten inquiries on Wednesday. He expects to see a spike in wedding planning with the new law going into effect this summer.

"Been waiting, waiting, waiting waiting. A lot of people have been holding off until this. It's exciting and we can't wait," said Andonoplas.

At Anna Held Floral Studio, 80 percent of their business is weddings. They wonder how their civil union ceremonies may amp up and how many new same-sex wedding clients will get into the mix.

Certified floral designer Laura Daluga has advice for anyone planning a wedding during Chicago's busy spring to fall season next year.

"Start looking for dates, start looking for your venue of course, but start now. Definitely Start now," said Laura Daluga, certified floral designer, Anna Held Floral Studio.

Typically, weddings take six months to a year to plan, so this could definitely impact htero weddings as well.

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