Brian Fernandez, 6, shot in Gage Park on way to tutoring

November 6, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The car ended up at 57th and Sacramento. The shooting took place just a few blocks away, near 56th and Mozart.

Chicago Police say it appears to be a random shooting. A 19-year-old man was trying to drop off his two younger brothers at their tutor's home when one of the boys was shot.

Police and family say 6-year-old Brian Fernandez was sitting in the backseat of this car when he was hit. His mother, who speaks Spanish, is with him at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Her friend translated for her to ABC7 Eyewitness News.

"She says she can't imagine what her son is going through. Right now he's a little bit more stable but the bullet did go through, went into the chest and came out the back," said the victim's mother, through a translator.

"We're like in Iraq," said Juan Rendon, witness.

Police say Brian's older brother was driving this car with Utah plates. Brian and his 7-year-old brother were in the backseat. Police say they were driving down the 5600-block of S. Mozart when two men approached the car and said something to the older brother, which he didn't hear. Police say he felt uneasy, pulled away, and one man fired.

"Hear a couple of gunshots, 5-6, saw as much as I could: a gray car driving off and people running away from the scene," said Steven Hernandez, witness.

The three brothers were headed to a friend's home, who tutors the children.

"I just heard shots but I never imagined it was them because I just thought it was some person randomly shooting," said Blanca Cerilo, tutor.

The car ended up 3 blocks away.

"My reaction is the safety of my kids, just knowing there is a shooting in front of my house," said Teresa Prado, Gage Park resident.

And children, who are growing up with gunfire, are clearly worried.

"I lived around here my whole life. I heard of a lot of shooting. But a 6-year-old, I've never heard that. It's a family. You don't shoot a family or anybody," said Armando Sanchez, Gage Park resident.

"Now that this happened, a child is shot, people get worried and they get scared," said Frank Serrano, Gage Park resident.

One witness told Eyewitness News on Wednesday night that he saw two men wearing dark clothing and hoodies run away from the scene.

No suspects are in custody.

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