'Hit list' has parents of Ind. junior high concerned; Student expelled who included students, teachers

November 8, 2013 (LAKE STATION, Ind.)

That student has been expelled and police want to talk with him.

This happened at Edison Junior-Senior High School in Lake Station, Indiana.

The police chief says schools officials took several days to tell them about the incident.

Lake Station police want to talk with more students at the school, and in particular a former student who allegedly made some sort of a list. It is yet unclear what the motivation was in making the list, but at this point authorities are considering it a potential threat.

School is out for the weekend at Edison Junior Senior High School.

An incident at the Lake Station, Indiana school two weeks ago is now the subject of a police investigation.

"Until we get to the bottom of it, we're going to consider it as a high threat and do the best we can to protect the students," said Lake Station Police Chief Kevin Garber. "I'm sure the school is doing everything they can for the safety of the children, as well as the police department."

The Lake Station Police Chief says a list with 20 students and two teachers was made by a student at Edison and that the student originally wrote hit list at the top but scratched it out when confronted by another student.

The Chief said the student was expelled and that police were not informed by the school for five days.

"There was a delay on contacting the police department," Chief Garber said. "I have spoke to the staff, the administration, the principal and the vice-principal, and they're looking into that and trying to see what went wrong and how to correct the issue.

"The school never notified any of the parents, no news letters saying that there was something that happened, that everything was being taken care of, nothing was notified to any of us parents," said parent Tonya Bowen.

Bowen says her daughter goes to Edison and she was only informed about the "list" when police called her during their investigation.

"Every parent, not just the ones on this list, I think every parent in the school should have been notified," Bowen said. "They didn't have to specifically go into detail, but they could have said there was something (that) happened at the school today, it had been forwarded to the police department, but nothing. There was no safety warnings, nothing."

"I don't even want to go to school over it. I'm scared to go to school," student Jordan Bowen.

Requests for comment for school administrators were not returned.

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