Norton's USA carries only made in America

November 16, 2013 (BARRINGTON, Ill.)

Whether you're shopping for something practical like cookware or clothing, or a bit more whimsical like a barrel of monkeys or silly string, you can likely find it at Norton's U.S.A., a general store in Barrington. Deborah Leydig opened it almost seven years ago.

"I had probably 20 companies. I had some purses. I had Anchor Hocking. I had some jam. I had a few toys," Leydig said. "Now we have over 450 companies from around the country that we buy from."

The store only stocks products that are made in America. Customers say they value the quality of the merchandise and they know every purchase helps save jobs.

"We let a lot of our manufacturing get away from us and we see now the problem it has created. We need the jobs in America," customer Bonnie Albrecht said.

"If I can buy products that are made right here in the United States, I will do that over another source just because I think we need to take care of our jobs," customer Pamela McCord said.

Leydig says she still has a tough time finding many products made in the USA, especially electronics. She understands the plight of manufacturers who find cheap labor outside the United States, but she says even one product can make a big difference.

Say with toasters and coffee pots and all that, I say I understand it's hard to bring all that back. Bring one product home. You will see. The customers will want it," she said.

Norton's USA recently started selling their wares online.

For more information: Norton's USA

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