Southwest Side sex assault victim recants story about attack at Cermak, Western

December 3, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The 16-year-old girl said she was attacked at approximately 5 p.m. Monday when two men pulled her into an alley in the city's Heart of Chicago neighborhood.

In a community alert, police said the victim gave them detailed descriptions of the suspects, including heights, weights and tattoos. Earlier Tuesday, the victim's sister said the victim was recovering after suffering a head injury during the attack.

"They grabbed her at the mouth of the alley and they pulled her, started pulling her towards the middle of the alley, and she believes that they hit her over the head and then because they were holding her with her mouth closed, she believes, that the doctors believe that she passed out just from not being able to get enough breath," the victim's sister said.

The victim's sister said the attack happened in an alley behind a Dunkin Donuts off of Western. She says her sister attends a Chicago public school that is highly rated in academics and she commutes home in the evenings on the Pink Line.

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