Flammable water flowing from Louisiana family's faucets; oil company could be to blame

A Louisiana family says they believe methane gas is leaking into their water and an oil company from The Woodlands is to blame
December 4, 2013 8:03:38 AM PST
A Louisiana family is blaming a company based in The Woodlands for an unusual and dangerous situation. Now, that company is taking action.

The family has a private well that services two homes on their property. They say everything was going fine until Woodlands-based oil and gas company Anadarko Petroleum Corporation started drilling close their homes.

The family believes methane gas is seeping into their water well. The daughter put a lighter to the water and it blew up. The family grew concerned with the nearby drilling.

"Especially in the morning, you come in and turn the water on and there is so much air pressure in the lines that is just blows water everywhere, you're soaked," said Sarah Evans, who's family is experiencing the problem.

A hydrologist says the area is rich in natural gas so the water problem could be natual, but the company Anadarko says it will do testing to see whether there is a leak. They also delivered cases of water to families near Dixie, Louisiana.