Taco Nano authentic Mexican fare

You can find tacos in almost every corner of the city, but at Taco Nano in the northern suburbs, you can find a taqueria where everything is made from scratch, including the tortillas.
December 7, 2013 8:01:49 AM PST
Freddy Sanchez can pretty much do anything in a Mexican kitchen. There's his memories of watching his mom cook, but also his time at Adobo Grill in the city, which conditioned him to make guac by the boatload. He's taken that expertise to a tiny Northfield strip mall, and created Taco Nano, a tidy little taqueria where everything is made in-house.

"It's very unique when you make your own tortillas in-house. I know it takes a lot of work, but it's so much better when you just make it in your house instead of going to the store and opening a package and hit it up on the flat top," said Sanchez.

Then there's the vertical spit, or trompo, stacked with marinated pork and crowned with a pineapple, for his al pastor tacos.

"Takes about two to three hours, but it's worth it. The flavors that, just the slow-cooking of the meat, really brings out the flavor of what a traditional al pastor is," said Sanchez.

He also does fish tacos, using either shrimp or tilapia, topped with watercress or cabbage, plus onions and cilantro.

"It's basically like a Baja-style fish that we do here and we offer it fried and also grilled with a little cabbage on top and chipotle mayonnaise and piece of lime and that's all you need," he said.

Guac is made to-order in a sturdy molcajete, while his duck tacos - draped with a rich, homemade mole - are simple to construct, yet complex to make.

"I love slow cooking; the mole takes six to eight hours just cooking it," said Sanchez.

There are always eight tacos on the menu, plus a special, and among those regular ones there's a vegetarian, plus a ground turkey; there's also one with flour tortillas, but I'd highly recommend you go for the corn, since they make this from scratch.

They also serve beer and make a pretty mean margarita.

Taco Nano
1743 Orchard Ln., Northfield
847-386-7159 http://taconano.com/