Patients celebrate holidays at Ronald McDonald House

December 8, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The holidays are a joyous time of year for so many families.

They don't always come easy for others, like the families here at the Ronald McDonald House.

Max Herrick is part of one of those families.

Max has had a heart transplant, cancer, and many other complications.

His family has spent a lot of time over the last nine and a half years seeking comfort at the Ronald McDonald House.

"He was one day old, we found out he has a heart defect and that was our start, and a social worker told us it was going to be a rough road," said Liz Herrick.

It has been a rough road for the Stuckey family too.

Daughter Myla had a stroke two years ago, and her family lives in Peoria and needed a place to call home while Myla was in rehab.

"Our family was able to stay there and be close and remain with her during that time period and not spend money on hotels," Quinn Stuckey said.

Sunday was about honoring families like these, and for a brief moment, putting illness aside.

It was a chance for the kids to celebrate their milestones.

"I had to walk and talk again you know it's so, I'm so grateful," said Myla Stuckey.

Their family and friends here are grateful for them, and for the day that was all about them, and not their condition.

"I love it, I mean, who doesn't?" Max Herrick said.

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