Coyote attacks on small dogs reported in Wheaton

December 12, 2013 (WHEATON, Ill.)

Most recently Wheaton Police received a report that two coyotes took a dog from outside a residence in the 1100 block of South Marcey Avenue Tuesday.

Sunday, a coyote reportedly attacked a small dog that was fenced in a yard near North Pierce Avenue and West Liberty Drive. That dog had to be put down after suffering extensive injuries in the attack.

A resident in the 1700 block of Sjorgren Court was outside with two dogs, one of which was on a leash. The resident reported a coyote quickly approaching and taking the unleashed dog. A Wheaton Police officer observed the coyote leaving the area with the dog.

Authorities are warning residents that fences do not guarantee pets' safety. Dog owners are advised to always attend to small pets outdoors, and keep them on a leash whenever possible.

Coyotes are often more visible this time of year as food becomes more scarce and young coyotes leave their families. If you encounter a coyote, officials recommend that you shout, clap, run toward it or throw something in its direction. Acting aggressively adds to the coyotes' natural fear of humans.

Residents are told to never feed a coyote. Take steps to ensure that you are not providing them with a source of food, such as pet food stored outside or unsecured trash.

Wheaton Police say if you see a coyote acting in a threatening manner, call 911 and officers will respond.

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