Driver plows into cars on Mag Mile

A driver plowed into several vehicles near the Hancock Building on Michigan Avenue in the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile.
December 22, 2013 6:23:40 PM PST
It was a chaotic scene when a car plowed into four other vehicles along the Magnificent Mile tonight as Michigan Avenue was crowded with shoppers.

Police say an officer on foot patrol smelled marijuana coming from a vehicle.

When he approached the car and told the driver to pull over. The driver attempted to get away.

He crashed into four cars before running into the American Girl Store.

One of the cars hit belongs to a Milwaukee area police officer who is visiting.

"He looked dazed," Doug Tweedie said. "I thought he was hurt. And I could see the smoke from the airbag. There was an officer running with his gun out. The guy took off running in that direction, and that's when I realized, I didn't know if the officers were coming or not. And then I helped as well."

No injuries were reported.

The driver was taken into custody.