Tiny baby Connor home for holidays; Sorenson family's 'Christmas miracle'

December 24, 2013

Connor spent the first six months of his life in intensive care. Born premature, he is the Sorenson family's ultimate Christmas miracle.

"It was a great feeling to beat the odds," Eric Sorenson said. "Especially right on time for Christmas."

Connor was born in June.

"I could not wait for this day, I have been dreaming of this day for so many years," Holly Sorenson said.

The Sorensons spent eight years trying to conceive a child. Once they did, early complications led to a premature C-Section.

"I didn't even know what was happening. They just came into my hospital room and said, 'OK, we're gonna prep you for surgery now,'" she said.

Connor was delivered at 24 weeks. He weighed just 14 ounces, becoming the smallest baby ever born in a Florida hospital.

"I literally took my wedding ring off, and put it around his leg. And there was still plenty of room around that ring," Eric said.

His chances of survival? About one in three, according to his doctor.

"The doctors were saying some babies make it, but most don't," Eric said.

He underwent five intestinal surgeries and was on countless medications. But, now, at 6 and-a-half pounds, baby Connor has beaten the odds and given his family the best gift they could ever ask for.

"It's a Christmas miracle," Holly said.

"We didn't get a chance to wrap any other gifts, so he's the main one under the tree this year," Eric said.

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