Family dog killed in Glenview coyote attack

December 30, 2013 (GLENVIEW, Ill.)

The pet's owners have a warning for others who may be tempted to let their pets outside alone, especially with the cold weather.

On Monday morning, some residents in the Swainwood subdivision in Glenview awoke to a horrible sound.

"It sounded like a cat was fighting or a loud screaming noise. It woke us up and we called police, but we looked outside and didn't see anything," said Jerry Johnson.

A neighbor had let her Yorkies outside, then saw coyotes.

"About 6:15 this morning my wife took the dogs out routinely. Along the side of the house there were two coyotes. The coyotes attacked the smaller dog and took her away," said the dog's owner, who did not wish to be identified.

"We were looking for the dog and this coyote just ran right by us, I didn't see a dog in its mouth, but it was pretty shocking," said Karl Hanson.

A four-year-old, four pound dog named Pebbles was gone. Pebbles' housemate Paxil made it away from the coyotes.

Residents say they had seen coyotes in the neighborhood before. The pet owner urges others to keep their dogs on leashes-- especially smaller dogs-- when coyotes are known to be in the area.

"Very traumatized, we were both very shook up. This was a dog that we had for four years and was a real companion of ours. We're really going through a hard time right now," said the pet's owner.

Glenview police did respond, but there was little to be done at that point. Officials are urging residents to take precautions, especially with small pets.

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