Sharp 85-inch TV at CES 2014 with 8K resolution

January 8, 2014 7:34:55 AM PST
Sharp comes to the 2014 CES with a range of pixel-packed display technologies that allow consumers to experience every detail. For the first time in the United States, Sharp is showcasing an 85-inch TV screen size 8K glasses-free 3D TV, in partnership with Phillips and Dolby.

With this new technology, consumers are able to enjoy realistic, immersive 3D images without glasses.

"From 8K glasses-free 3D, Quattron+, to IGZO, Sharp is demonstrating high resolution display options that are revolutionizing viewing both today and in the future," a news release said.

"We all want to see more. More details, more depth, more color. Sharp is showcasing a range of innovative display technologies at CES 2014 that are paving the way to the high resolution future," said Toshiyuki Osawa, CEO and Chairman of Sharp Electronics Corporation. "From 8K glasses-free 3D, Quattron+, to IGZO, Sharp is demonstrating high resolution display options that are revolutionizing viewing both today and in the future."

Sharp has released four new series of AQUOS large screen LED Smart TVs, including the highest resolution Full HD TV available, the AQUOS Quattron+ (Q+). Q+ TVs combine Quattron and Revelation technologies, to create a higher resolution image with more detail, depth, and color.

Sharp is also introducing a new SmartCentral smart TV platform that integrates cable and satellite TV guides with streaming services to enable a centralized search experience for faster, easier viewing decisions. It also provides personalized recommendations, ready access to viewer ratings, and smartphone and tablet connectivity for full remote control, media file sharing, and second screen applications.

New Sharp products and technologies to be showcased at CES include:

8K Glasses-Free 3D


4K today, 8K tomorrow. Sharp is showing a glimpse of the high definition future with a demonstration of 8K resolution on an 85" (diagonal) screen size class TV. Sharp was the first brand to showcase this technology at CES 2012. 8K is a 7680 x 4320 resolution, the equivalent of 16 times the pixel resolution of HDTV.

AQUOS Quattron+ (Q+) and the 2014 AQUOS Large Screen Line-up

Sharp is also bridging the gap between expensive 4K TVs and HD versions with an in-between solution that's also priced in the middle.

Its new Quattron+ technology doubles the vertical resolution of a high-definition set by chopping the existing pixels in half. Meanwhile, it uses a mathematical formula to double the horizontal resolution for everything but certain parts of an image.

According to Sharp, that gives its Quattron+ televisions 16 million subpixels, versus 8 million for its Quattron line and 6 million for HD. It's a middle ground before stepping up to a 4K TV, also known as "ultra HD," which has 24 million subpixels.

Quattron+ TVs can receive 4K signals. A 70-inch model is expected to retail for about $3,200.

Additional Products to be Introduced
Next Generation Displays
Sharp WiSA-compliant Universal Player
2014 Sharp Audio Line-up

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