Mathew Segur located in Texas; Soldier went missing in Chicago after O'Hare flight cancelation

January 10, 2014 11:49:51 AM PST
U.S. Soldier Mathew Segur, 39, has been located in Texas after he was reported missing in Chicago by his family.

Chicago police said Friday that Segur, 39, has been found safe and unharmed in Texas.

Segur flew into O'Hare Airport on Monday, but his connecting flight was canceled. He was rebooked for Wednesday, but never boarded that flight. Segur was reported missing early Friday.

His family said they haven't heard from him since Monday. His former girlfriend who last spoke with him on Monday believes he may have tried to drive to Abilene, Texas, where he was picking up a motorcycle he planned to ride down to see friends in Florida.

Segur arrived at O'Hare International Airport on a British Airways flight from Italy on Monday, January 6. His connecting flight to Dallas was canceled during the severe weather, police said. He was rescheduled to fly an American Airlines plane to Dallas on Wednesday, January 8 but didn't show up for it.

Segur, originally from Connecticut, just finished his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. He's described as 5'10" and 180 pounds with green eyes. His head is shaved. He has a warrior mask tattoo on his right arm.