Catholic Charities d'Vine Affair

January 18, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Joe Glunz, owner of Louis Glunz Wines, Inc., and Bob Bansberg, faculty member of the School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College and Manager/ Wine Dir. at Miramar Restaurant in Highwood, came into our ABC 7 Eyewitness News studio to tell us about the 13th Annual d'Vine Affair, a premier wine tasting event, and about Catholic Charities. They also shared tips for tasting wine and pairing it up with food.

Catholic Charities hosts 13th Annual d'Vine Affair
Sunday, January 26, 2014
2 - 6 p.m.
Union League Club of Chicago
Tickets: $125, additional $80 for the 3-Course Dinner
21 and older!

Tips for Wine Tasting:
1. Knowing what you are eating.
- White wine typically goes with fish, chicken and pork, while red wines usually go best with red meat and game.
- Spicy foods should be paired with a sweeter white wine, such as a Pinot Grigio or Riesling.
- If you are just looking for a nice wine to sip, choose a Cabernet or Pinot Noir.

2. Narrow it down the variety to a certain type of red or white
- If you are looking for a richer red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon has a fuller flavor and goes well with heavy foods.
- Pinot Noir and Cabernet are softer reds
- Merlot is light
- Zinfandel and Syrah are bigger reds
- Chardonnay is light and pairs well with chicken or pasta
- Sauvignon Blanc is crisp
- Riesling is sweeter

3. Age isn't everything
- Not all wines improve with age, some actually get worse the longer they are in the bottle
- Most red wines improve with age, while white wines do not need to be aged

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