Exercise While Watching TV

February 2, 2014

Alex Vasileski, Founder of A Mind and Body Total Fitness, cane into our ABC 7 Eyewitness News studio with a few models to demonstrate some exercises.

Alex' Exercises:

1. Navy Seal Squats:
Start in the traditional squat stance (feet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms out in front of you). As you squat down, open your arms as wide as you can, bring your arms back together as you return to the standing position.

2. Reptiles:
Start in the full plank position (push up). Bring your right knew towards your right elbow and return to starting position, then bring your left knee to you left elbow, and return.

3. Sumo Reaches:
From a squat position, reach across your body with one arm, rotating at the hips, keep alternating the reaches.

4. Supermans:
Lay flat on your stomach, arms out-reaching in-front of you. Raise your left arm and right leg towards the ceiling, return to floor, raise your right arm and left leg towards the ceiling and return to the floor. Alternate.

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