Happy National Weather Person's Day 2014 -- Jerry, Tracy, Phil and Mike!

February 4, 2014 (CHICAGO)

ABC7 Meteorologists Mike Caplan, Jerry Taft, Tracy Butler and Phil Schwarz will be on Windy City LIVE Wednesday to celebrate - and update Chicago's next round of storms. Good Morning American Meteorologist Ginger Zee will also be on. She spoke with WCL's Ryan Chiaverini.

"You guys need to get more extreme weather though and then I can come visit more," Zee said.

"I don't even know what a polar vortex is. I just don't wanna know. It's like some kind of curse that we have going on right now," Chiaverini said.

"This year has been extreme and we haven't seen it for a couple of decades, this type of weather. I think weather is so psychological. That people don't even remember the mid-90s, so even though it happened then, they say this is the coldest in my lifetime, because, of course, I don't remember two weeks ago," Zee said.

Windy City LIVE airs at 11 a.m. on ABC7 Chicago.

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