Chicago parking 'dibs' takes ugly turn on North Center street

February 6, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Matt Bauer and his wife woke up Thursday morning to find two disturbing signs in a parking spot right in front of their home. They fired off an email to their neighbors, essentially saying 'those are not our signs.'

Oakley Street in North Center is considered a nice block.

"Maybe this Winter is bringing out the worst in all of us," said Nushin Samii, resident.

That's because dibs is taking an ugly turn.

"I respect dibs is a Chicago institution," said Matt Bauer, resident.

From behind, these chairs look like any others, but read the signs. One says: "I will break your windows if I see your car in this spot." The other: "To the punk coward who is too weak to put my chairs back, I didn't dig for you."

"We were sort of outraged, how mean-spirited that is. In this crazy weather that people are doing that to each other," said Samii.

"The level of violence, or aggression on the actual signs is comical because it's juxtaposed on a pair of lawn chairs put on the road," said Nathan Jung, resident.

In viewer-submitted photos, Brendan Gardiner captured the lighter side of dibs; so did Marisol Irizarry.

In North Center, Matt Bauer and his wife have notified their alderman and police about these signs, and he may know the neighbor who parks here.

"I had a nice enough conversation with him. I hope he didn't write the sign," said Bauer.

On Thursday night, Eyewitness News saw a woman readjust the chairs with the two signs. But when we asked her about them, she said she had no comment. For right now, the chairs and signs are still holding that spot. No sign of the person who put them up.

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