Chicago Weather: Fresh snow blankets city, suburbs

February 8, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Some people actually put down their snow plows and came out to celebrate the winter weather. The snow literally took shape at Navy Pier with beautiful sculptures drawing out a lot of families, which shows there is some beauty that can come out of the nasty weather.

A snowy Chicago night created a perfect setting for a snow carving competition at Navy Pier. The Kroll family marveled at the intricate sculptures that lit up Gateway Park.

"We love Navy Pier anyway but this is exceptional I mean these sculptures, they're very talented. It's better than your basic snowman that's for sure," said Karen Kroll.

The Norwegian team took first place for their sculpture called Tongue Twister. They say these weather conditions have been perfect.

"When it's really cold we can really risky stuff we can go thin, we can make holes and make it really skinny, light and airy," said sinning artist Elisabeth Kristensen.

Saturday brought a gentle kind of snow coming down heavy at times piling up in beautiful heaps of pure white on the bushes in Grant Park. It made date night for Nick Taluzek and Joy Hanson even more romantic.

"It's great date snow," Taluzek said. "These are some of the best kind of snowy nights where there's so much snow and it's dark enough out where everything kind of falls silent."

But the scene on the roadways hasn't been so pretty. Wet and slushy conditions on the Kennedy Expressway make it very slippery for drivers. Lake Shore Drive the same scene. Snow plows and salt spreaders working hard tonight to keep the roads clear take it from our littlest traffic reporter.

Many are hoping we've already moved past the tip of the ice berg this winter.

"Groundhog Day says we have five more weeks or so," said Krull. "We'll make it, though, for sure, as we do every year."

Temperatures could be in the lower 30s by the end of next week.

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