Son writes sick mom message in Rush Hospital snow; 14-year-old Will Hart touches mother, hospital

February 11, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Recently diagnosed with leukemia, Sharon Hart has been going through her first chemotherapy treatments. Because she has felt awful, her 14-year-old son thought of a unique way to cheer up his mom. Little did will hart know that his snow message would cheer up an entire hospital.

Will Hart has always been very close to his mom and the 14-year-old wanted to do something that would lift her spirits.

Sharon Hart was diagnosed with leukemia last week. The 48-year-old Bolingbrook mother's 11th floor room overlooks the parking garage.

"We drove up there," Will Hart said. "We were going to see the city. I just kind of thought, 'You know, it would be great to have my mom see this message.' And so I started from there, and my dad was like, 'What are you doing?' And he joined in. I said, 'I'm saying hi to mom,' and we went on from there.

With their feet, Will and his dad carved out a "HI MOM" with a smiley face in the unplowed roof of the parking garage. Will called his mom from the roof and told her to look out the window.

"I was amazed and proud, at the same time it lifted me up entirely," she said.

But Will and his dad were not done. Late at night they finished the roof top message with a "God bless you." It was aimed for all the patients who could see the Rush roof from their rooms. Nurses say so many patients, especially on the cancer floor, were touched and lifted by the simple message from Sharons Hart's 14-year-old son.

"It shows she raised an incredible young man and there is so much love in that family," said nurse Maura Hoyt.

A family that hopes their love will help Hart and others get better.

"I was surprised it got so big," said daughter Hanna Hart. "I thought maybe a few people would see it and say how cool is that, never imagine it would be this big. "

Because Rush needed the roof for parking on Monday morning, the snow message was eventually plowed. However, Rush says the snow plow drivers were hesitant and took their time before doing it.

Meanwhile, Sharon Hart's kids say their mom is now known as "The Mom" as Rush University Medical Center.

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